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Light Bearers: The Awakening

Sisters Sarah and Amelia are orphaned at a young age and taken in by their wealthy uncle who gives them the best of everything. Amelia embraces their new life, but Sarah struggles to ever feel truly at home. Years after her parents’ death, Sarah makes a startling discovery that plunges her into a darkness she never knew existed, one that will threaten to destroy her relationship with Amelia forever.

If Sarah’s instincts are right, there may not be anyone she can trust. But on an unexpected family vacation, Sarah meets a stranger who reveals a power within her she didn’t know she had, and one she’ll have to master to survive.

What readers are saying about Light Bearers: The Awakening

“Will these wonders ever cease?” - Sarah

“Holding on to yourself when everyone else wants you to change is not prudish, it’s courageous.” - Lucas

“Obviously, you’re not a human, are you?” -Sarah

“This is still the same sun and the same earth. But we are in an area that is pure and bountiful; outside the time of man.” -Lucas

“She already knows my future?” -Sarah; “She knows you in the future.” -Lucas

“You carry within your very being something that will awaken people.” - Pneuma

"Just finished Light Bearers the other day!!! SO GOOD!!- I am seriously going to miss my late night readings- lol!"

"I finished the book last night. Loved it... I can’t believe that that world came out of your mind! So cool. I am so ready to read the next one."

"I couldn't gobble this one up fast enough! I was nervous if I'd be able to finish in time. You can't deny a good book though, and I found myself sneaking in a chapter here and a chapter there while I was folding laundry or waiting for the water to boil while I was cooking dinner. It was incredibly well written and kept me engaged the entire time. I really did love it!"

"I wanted it to last longer. It drew me in, kept me intrigued, scared me for a little while (hair prickles and all), and I truly didn't want it to end."

Light Bearers Book Cover

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